01 August 2016- 31 Jul 2019

Dr Glen Carlisle (Chairperson)

Dr AC Fleming (Councillor)
Mr MW Kutu (Councillor)
Dr BM Modisane-State Veterinary Services
Dr M Lawrence-Large Animal Practitioner
Dr M Verseput-Small Animal Practitioner

The Chairperson will co-opt members as and when expertise is required depending on the nature of complaints received.


The Committee screens complaints lodged with Council.  These complaints are evaluated with the replies received from the respondents against whom complaints were lodged. The committee, after scrutiny of complaints , inter alia recommends that a formal inquiry should be held, that there were no grounds for a complaint, that a decision could not be made on the information submitted and that further information should be obtained; or acts in terms of Rule 35 (5) of the rules.

The Chairpersons of all committees are members of Council

Members with relevant expertise are co-opted onto the committee as and when required.

Inquiries: Inquiry Body

Chairperson: Council member

The tribunals for Council inquiries are constituted of the Chairperson who is a member of Council and one other Council member or member who served previously and two private practitioners or members relevant to the case

Ad hoc prosecutors are currently appointed by Council in terms of Section 32 (2) of the Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act to act as the pro forma complainants at Council inquiries and leads the evidence on behalf of the Council at these inquiries.

01 August 2016 - 31 July 2019


Dr B Mohr – chairperson

Dr R Lobetti – represents companion animals

Dr N Fourie – represents production animals

Dr J Benade – represents wildlife

Prof B Dzikiti – represents the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria


Any submissions for the attention of the Committee on Specialisation should be submitted to Leonie Westcott, Director Education on   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to Lenora Erasmus, Education Co-ordinator on   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
No late submissions will be considered.

Refer to Latest Meeting Dates for Committee on Specialisation meeting dates. 

The SAVC Committee on Specialisation deals, inter alia, with the following:

  • Monitoring the standards of training for the M.Med.Vet programmes by appointing monitors.
  • Establishing criteria for all disciplines or fields. Looking at specific criteria for each discipline.
  • Reviewing the minimum requirements for registration as a veterinary specialist.
  • South African Veterinary specialisation and global issues, e.g. SAVC representation at the EBVS Annual Meeting; perusing the EBVS Newsletter; dealing with specialisation in South Africa compared to the RCVS and others.
  • The scope of monitoring standards and compliance with minimum standards.
  • Projected future need for specialisation in VPH.
  • Requirements for specialisation: supervisors and training - application for peer review qualifications/experience.

01 August 2016 - 31 Jul 2019

Dr CC Nkuna (Chairperson)


Dr T Chetty-  Representing veterinarians

Mr T Zokufa - Portfolio Animal Welfare

Sr T Lötter - Veterinary Nurse profession

Mr JJ Müller - Veterinary technologist

Mr MW Kutu - Animal Health Technician profession

Mr CJJ Bester - Laboratory Animal Technologist


Click on this link to go to Dates: Submissions and Applications, for a comprehensive list of meeting dates.

The Committee will consider applications submitted as follows:

  • Authorisation in terms of Section 23 (1) (c).  These applications must be submitted by the employers, who must also motivate the need for the applications.  This is a special dispensation and authorisation must first be obtained before the employee may render the service of a veterinarian or para-veterinarian.
    Click on this link for full details:
  • Re-registration with the SAVC after a period of 3 years has lapsed since the individual was last registered with the SAVC. These applications are submitted by the individuals seeking re-registration. Proof that the applicant kept abreast of his/her profession during the period of removal from the register must also be submitted. Re-registration must first be obtained before the applicant may commence to work as a professional again. 
    Click on this link for full details:
  • Competence Specific Registration [CSR].These applications must be submitted by the individuals seeking CSR. Applications must be supported by  motivations from the prospective employers for the need to employ the persons with the particular competencies/expertise. This is a special dispensation and CSR must first be obtained before the employee may render the services of a veterinarian or para-veterinarian.
    Click on this link for full details:

For full details please contact:
Ms Talita Coetzee, Registration Coordinator, at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with regard to all enquiries relating to authorisation and competence specific registration, automatic registrations, registration for the first time after 3 years has lapsed since obtaining a pre-scribed qualification, and re-registration after 3 years has lapsed since last being registered with the SAVC.


No. R. 623      30 June 2006



The Minister of Health, in terms of regulation 12 of the Regulations Relating to the Transparent Pricing System for Medicines and Scheduled Substances, published under Government Notice No. R.1102 of 11 November 2005, Gazette No. 28214, must annually review the dispensing fee to be charged by persons licensed to dispense medicines in terms of Section 22C(1)(a) of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (Act No. 101 of 1965).

The Minister hereby invites comments, in writing, from interested parties on a dispensing fee referred to above which is currently provided for in regulation 12 referred to above.

Submissions in this regard must be sent to: The Pricing Committee Secretariat (Att: Ms NM Mpanza, Directorrate: Pharmaceutical Economic Evaluations) National Department of Health, Private Bag X828, Pretoria , 0001.

The closing date for submissions is 29 September 2006.



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