30. Manner of summoning

30.1 summoned by means of a written notice in the form set out in Annexure C to appear before the council to be examined or to produce a book, document or record to the council.

30.2 Such summons shall be issued by the registrar by direction of the council, and shall be served by himself or a person directed thereto by him, in the manner referred to in regulation 31.

30.3 The applicable witness fee prescribed in terms of section 51bis of the Magistrates’ Court Act, 1944 (Act 32 of 1944), shall be payable by the council to a person referred to in regulation 30.1.

31.Service of summons

31.1 A summons referred to in regulation 30.1 shall be served by –

31.1.1 forwarding it by registered post to the person concerned;

31.1.2 delivering it to the person concerned in person or to his duly authorised representative;

31.1.3 delivering it at the residence or place of business of the person concerned to some person who is apparently not less than 16 years of age and apparently resides or is employed there;

31.1.4 delivering it at the place of employment of the person concerned to some person who is apparently not less than 16 years of age and apparently in authority over him or, in the absence of such person, to a person who is apparently not less than 16 years of age and is apparently in charge at his place of employment; or

31.1.5 delivering it, in the case of a juristic person, at the registered office of that juristic person.

31.2 When the service of a summons is done in terms of regulation 31.1.1 the person by whom it is served, shall –

31.2.1 place the summons concerned in an envelope which is addressed to the person concerned, and post it by pre-paid registered letter; and

31.2.2 at the time of registration thereof make application for an acknowledgement by the addressee of the receipt thereof as provided in regulation 44(5) of the regulations published under Government Notice R. 550 of 14 April 1960: Provided that – a receipt form which is completed as provided in regulation 44(8) of the said regulations shall be sufficient acknowledgement of receipt for the purposes hereof; and if no such acknowledgement is received, this fact shall be recorded on a copy of the summons concerned by the person by whom it has been served.

31.3 When the serving of a summons is done in terms of regulation 31.1.2, 31.1.3, 31.1.4 or 31.1.5, the person by whom it is delivered, shall immediately after delivery thereof make an entry on a copy of that summons to indicate the manner in which, the person, to whom, the place at which and the date on which and the approximate time at which the summons concerned has been delivered.

31.4 the entries referred to in regulation 31.3 which are made on a copy of a summons shall immediately after having been made, be signed by the person by whom the summons concerned was delivered.

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