Authorisation: All veterinary and para veterinary services (Section 23.1(c))


Authorisation in terms of SECTION 23(1)(c) of the Act will be considered for persons in temporary or full-time employment of academic institutions, research institutions, industrial institutions, service organisations, animal welfare organisations and/or private employers upon receipt of the following from the relevant employer:

1. A standard application form together with a full curriculum vitae of the applicant;
2. Details of the employer, the registered person under whose supervision the applicant will work and the functions, procedures and tasks to be performed by the applicant;
3. Proof of the qualifications, competency, capabilities and training of the applicant;
4. Proof of the merit, need and/or importance to employ the applicant. Proof of the placement and a copy of the advertisement of the post in national media (and international media if applicable) the reason (s) why a locally registered individual could not be appointed, should also be provided; and
5. Payment of the appropriate non-refundable application fee.

No person may commence any activity or employment referred to above prior to approval of the application by the South African Veterinary Council and payment of the authorisation fee.



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