CPD Guideline for Veterinarians


People opt for a career in veterinary science for many reasons. It has been said on occasion, that veterinarians subscribe to a unique order of people. Such is the zeal for their profession that most veterinarians are reluctant to retire from it! Most of us would probably concur that our profession is one characterised and challenged by variety. The intellectual capabilities and enterprising spirit of most veterinarians are tested on an almost daily basis. Thus the chief aim of CPD is to sharpen the veterinarians' mind and to intellectually empower him/her to successfully cope with these daily challenges. The term continued veterinary education in time was replaced with continued professional development since the latter more clearly embraces the commitment of the profession. Knowledge not only empowers but results in confidence, satisfaction and pride in the daily fulfilment of our tasks.

A number of people within the ranks of the South African Veterinary Council and the South African Veterinary Association spent many hours in finalising CPD. Towards the final stages of the process, the SAVC tasked its Accreditation Committee to finalize the process. Thanks are therefore due to its members for the preparation of this hopefully user-friendly document which strives to facilitate and encourage the process of regulated continuing professional development.

Professor S S van den Berg, President S A Veterinary Council, June 2006


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