Before you submit a formal complaint it is recommended that you approach the veterinarian / para veterinary professional and discuss the matter which has made you unhappy.  Thereafter, should you still not be satisfied a formal complaint can be submitted to the Council for investigation into the professional conduct of the veterinarian / para veterinary professional which will be conducted by the Investigation Committee.

Please ensure that any outstanding account has been settled with the veterinarian before submitting the complaint for investigation.  Should the veterinarian institute legal action for payment of your account the Council will suspend its investigation until finalisation of the legal action.

Kindly note that in terms of rule 34 a complaint must be submitted in writing, preferably typewritten, in the form of an affidavit.

On receipt of a complaint form (click here) together with an affidavit (click here for an example) signed before a commissioner of oaths a formal complaint will be registered. Please note that even if you fax or e-mail the documents we will still need the originals.

The veterinarian /  para veterinary professional against whom you have lodged a complaint will receive a copy of your affidavit and will be requested to respond thereto within a period of 60 days after our request.

On receipt of the veterinarian’s / para veterinary professional’s response you will receive a copy thereof and afforded the opportunity to comment thereon. Thereafter your complaint and the responses will be submitted to an Investigation Committee for a preliminary investigation. The Investigation Committee meets five times a year. (These meeting dates are found under ’About Us’)

Should the Investigation Committee be of the opinion that the veterinarian's / para veterinary professional’s conduct needs to be investigated a formal inquiry will be scheduled. You and the veterinarian / para veterinary professional will then be given the opportunity to give evidence under oath in person at the inquiry and all witnesses are subjected to cross-examination.

If a matter is referred to a formal inquiry it is usually finalised within a period of 12 months from receipt of the complaint documentation.