Registration with the SAVC

Automatic registration

Qualifications prescribed under Section 20 of the Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act, Act 19 of 1982 are accepted for automatic registration upon application:  Persons who are the holders of the qualifications listed are entitled to automatic registration with the South African Veterinary Council:

BVSc University of Pretoria, South Africa
BVMCh Medical University of Southern Africa

The following requirements will ensure automatic registration for the holders of the degrees listed above:

Completed application form;
Certified copy of the qualification;
Certified copy of the Identity document/ passport;
Letter of Good Standing not older than 3 months from the board where last registered;
Passport size photograph; and

Registration by examination
All other persons are required to pass a Council registration examination prior to registration with the SAVC.
Application to sit the examination must be made in writing and on the prescribed application form.
An examination is held yearly in October and consists of a computer based examination and a practical examination.
The closing date for enrolment is 30 April.
A non-refundable application / processing fee and a non-refundable examination fee determined by the SAVC and payable in SA currency apply.
Certified copies of the veterinary degrees, diplomas and / or certificates have to be submitted with the application.
A certificate of good standing as well as a police clearance both not older than three months must accompany the application.
All candidates who failed twice are permitted to apply for an additional examination based on the criteria that the candidate provides:
1. Chances of passing an additional examination based on past performance;
2. Proof of further studies (Continued Professional Development); and
3. Other factors relevant to the candidate's personal circumstances.

The Computer Based Examination is of general nature and assesses the candidate's basic knowledge and understanding of specific and important South African conditions.

During the Practical Examination the candidate's proficiency of English and the applicant's professional attitude will figure prominently.
Candidates must have a sound knowledge of the main laws pertaining to veterinary science and the veterinary profession in South Africa.
In addition, candidates must have a sound knowledge, inter alia, of:
1. General pathology and pathology of infectious and non-infectious diseases, including toxicological and parasitological conditions, toxicology, pharmacology, small and large animal medicine, surgery and theriogenology, state veterinary medicine, herd health, poultry health, infectious diseases of production and companion animals, veterinary public health and the common internal and external parasites of domestic animals.  General veterinary practice and disease conditions of the various organ systems, including stock, general surgery, internal medicine and clinical procedures, including applied anatomy, will also be examined; 
2. The most important tropical diseases of the country, their differential diagnoses and control measures;
3. The most important southern African plant poisonings and mycotoxicoses of livestock: recognition, pathogenesis, diagnosis and control.  These are grouped according to the organ systems affected and the syndromes caused;
4. The most important ectoparasites and their control measures;
5. The most important helminths and their control measures.

Candidates should avail themselves of the following scientific journals, which concentrate on disease in South Africa and are available in the libraries of the veterinary faculties abroad.

1. The Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research
2. The journal of the South African Veterinary Association

It is important to note that the SAVC is an assessor and not a provider.
Further details can be viewed under Application Forms go to Home page.
Authorisation to render a veterinary service in South Africa

Authorisation: Section 23 (1) (c) of the Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act

A person without the prescribed qualification, but with a firm job offer may apply through the employer for authorisation to render veterinary services in South Africa.

Employers wishing to employ persons with non-prescribed veterinary qualifications can apply for authorisation of those persons to render services in industry, research, service-rendering and training (educational) categories; Employers wishing to employ persons without veterinary qualifications can apply for authorisation of those persons to render services in embryo transfer, industry, research and service-rendering categories.

In all instances, consideration will only be given if the applicant has a firm offer for employment or placement in a specific academic programme from a recognised institution / organisation or private employer and may be restricted to specific geographic areas;

Authorisation will only be granted for a limited period and may be renewed on re-application;

The scope of procedures should include a list of veterinary or para-veterinary activities and/or procedures, which the individuals require to perform; and

All persons authorised have to work under supervision or direction of a registered veterinarian.


A motivation for employment of the particular person with full details of personal and academic background;

Details of the employer, the person under whose auspices the applicant will work, the functions, procedures and tasks to be performed by the applicant.  In the case of an academic institution details of the relevant subject and / or discipline must be provided by the employer;

Details of qualifications, competency, capabilities, training and stature of the applicant.  In the case of an academic, research or industrial institution a curriculum vitae is to accompany the application;

Details of the merit, need and / or importance to employ the applicant must also be included in the motivation;

Proof that the post in question was advertised in the national press and proof that no suitably registered veterinarian or para-veterinarian could be found to fill the position;

No person should commence any activity or employment referred to above prior to approval of an application which should reach the office of the South African Veterinary Council at least 30 days before Council meetings which are normally held towards the end of every second month commencing in January. No application will be considered without proof of payment of the processing fee.

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