Systems & Design – All queries relating to IT systems and support, technical queries on registree portal, CPD portal, annual declaration, website, newsletter, advertising, marketing and PR

Finance & Office Support – invoices, maintenance fees, payment-related matters – special dispensation, all finance-related matters – committee meetings, queries relating to meetings with the SAVC President, Registrar, Executive Committee

EDUCATION – information on and applications for Council Registration

Examination, applications for specialist peer review, CPD provider queries, accreditation of CPD events, individual application for allocation of CPD points – all education-related matters

Registration – authorisation matters – facility inspections, community engagements queries – registration of facilities, change of facility principal queries – registrations, Letters of Good Standing, confirmation of registration, general queries relating to re-registration – registration of students, inscriptions, critical skills letters queries – CPD audit & CPD cycle queries – all general queries relating to registrations, facilities, inspections and authorisation matters