Welcome to the profession of the Veterinary Technologists

Veterinary technologists work as caring professionals and make important contributions to the physical and emotional wellbeing of animals and people. Veterinary technologists support the foundation of the veterinary diagnosis; and assist and promote research through veterinary technology.

Veterinary technologists are members of a learned and honourable profession and are required to always act in such a manner as to maintain and promote the prestige, honour, dignity and interests of the profession. Veterinary technologists take on the responsibility to promote animal health, relieving the suffering of animals and assisting in the saving of animal lives.

SAVC is here to assist with everything related to the veterinary technologist profession so that veterinary technologists can work and practise the profession without hesitation or restrictions. Be advised that no person may practise the profession of a veterinary technologist unless the person is registered with the SAVC.

Act, rules and regulations of the Veterinary Technologists

The rules

Read the rules that is applicable to you as a para-veterinary veterinary technology professional.

The regulations

Read the regulations for the para-veterinary veterinary technology profession.

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