Day One skills

In the past, only the minimum standards of training gave an indication as to how training had to be conducted. Developments have now led to the drafting of a list of Day One skills in addition to the minimum standards of training as described in the regulations.

Day One skills are used as the basis for setting a standard against which new graduates have to pass a degree / diploma programme and against which standard new graduates have to be able to perform when they commence practice for the first time. It includes the basic tasks that a new graduate should be able to perform to an acceptable standard.

Council resolved that the Day One skills documents had a 3-year life cycle (to coincide with the term of Council). The Education Committee, however, took cognisance of the fact that it may take 5-6 years to implement new skills into a curriculum.

The Day One skills documents for the veterinary and para-veterinary professions (veterinary nurses, animal health technicians, veterinary technologists, laboratory animal technologists and veterinary physiotherapists) are seen as dynamic documents and revision is therefore ongoing.