Are you feeling stressed?

Dr Charlote Nkuna
082 884 4492

Dr John Adam
083 412 7209

Dr  Fhumulani Rachel Munyai
083 260 4460

Are you despondent/ do you suffer from stress or do you have colleagues who do? – Do not disregard it:
TALK to someone: sorrow shared is sorrow halved.
Get HELP sooner rather than later.
Get to know the RAIN technique (see article by Julie Squires below) to:

  • Recognise what you are feeling: sometimes we just need to stop and say to ourselves “What am I feeling in this moment?” – just naming it can bring a sense of freeing.
  • Allow, accept & acknowledge: the feeling won’t let up until you actually feel it so why not just do it now? You can handle it.
  • Investigate: “What am I making this mean?”. When we can be curious without judging we can see that our thinking is often misconstrued.
  • Non-identification: realise the thoughts and feelings are not YOU. You can literally step back and watch them from afar. Don’t believe everything you think.

INDULGE yourself: read the Anonymous Client letter posted by Dr Andy Roark:
“At any given moment, some pet is frolicking around because of you. Because you gave them their early vaccination. Because you saved them after an accident. Because you caught their kidney failure in time..…maybe being a vet is a little bit like being a mom, in that your work is so crucial it becomes taken for granted that you’ll just give and give of yourself, always. That’s not fair.”

The SAVA stress management hotline