Regulations for veterinary technology students

The particulars of the students who enroll at a university or any other educational institution in South Africa for a degree, diploma or certificate referred to in Regulation 21 have to be provided to Council by the institutions with the necessary information in terms of Section 20(2)(a)(i) of the Act.

Read Regulations 28 and 29 (Link to General regulations)

Regulation 28 (Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Regulations) provides that the following information must be provided to Council:

  • the full names and postal address of the student;
  • the degree, diploma or certificate for which the student concerned is enrolled; and
  • the specific year of study of such degree, diploma or certificate for which the student involved is enrolled on the date of providing his/her particulars.

Date of submission

The particulars referred to in regulation 28 shall be submitted to the registrar in writing on or before 1 June of each year.