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Veterinary physiotherapy: feedback regarding the promulgation of the veterinary physiotherapy rules

The SAVC Legal Division has clarified that the rules for the Veterinary Physiotherapy profession still need to follow the process as outlined below before the veterinary physiotherapy Jurisprudence examination can take place.

  • The veterinary physiotherapy rules will be submitted to the professions for input [30 days to respond];
  • Input received from the professions will be collated and sent to Veterinary Physiotherapy Sub-Committee;
  • The document will then be submitted to the SAVC Review Committee for approval; [10-11 February 2021]
  • The document accepted by the Review Committee will then be submitted to Council for approval [24-25 March 2021]; and
  • The Council approved document will be submitted to the Minister to be promulgated.

Only once the rules have been promulgated, can the examination take place. The SAVC will endeavour to host the examination as soon as possible, but the date will depend on final promulgation by the Minister and this will realistically only be late 2021 or 2022.

The SAVC Registration and Authorisation Committee will be approached on behalf of applicants to administratively extend authorisation granted should the examination not take place before authorisation expires. All applicants are encouraged to comply with authorisation requirements in terms of submitting regular reports.

All applicants who have not yet applied for authorisation are urged to do so as a matter of urgency as only authorised persons will be allowed entry into the examination.

The SAVC Education Committee has approved that the veterinary physiotherapy Jurisprudence examination could follow a written (online), open book format. More information will be shared with applicants once available.

A special examination will be held after completion of the veterinary physiotherapy Jurisprudence examination for candidates who have been informed that they are eligible to take this examination. Find a link to the current veterinary physiotherapy Day 1 skills: LINK.

SAVC office: No walk-ins allowed

Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases no walk-ins will be allowed till further notice.

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