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Feedback to registrees re input received regarding the draft disciplinary rules

Council and the members of the Review Committee wish to thank each one of you who spent your valuable time to read through the proposed disciplinary rules for the veterinary and para-veterinary professions and made suggestions/recommendations. It is much appreciated!

Herewith a LINK to the feedback (in the right-hand column) in respect of the suggestions that were received, each of which was considered by the Review Committee and Council. But for one aspect, the rules are now finalised. The remaining issue is regarding the legality of Council’s requirement that the service provider’s (veterinarian or para-veterinary professional) fees must be paid before Council will investigate a complaint against the service provider. Council resolved that an external legal opinion has to be sought for its consideration by Council via electronic means. Once Council has resolved the said issue, the rules will be finalised and submitted to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and rural Development for approval, as required by law.

Update on Veterinary Physiotherapy Jurisprudence Examination

Previous MailChimp messages (5 April 2023 and reminder 9 May 2023) refer.

Kindly note that we have received a request for a reduction in the veterinary physiotherapy Jurisprudence examination and the submission received will serve at the Council meeting on 28 – 29 June 2023. The deadline of 15 June 2023 will therefore be extended to Friday, 14 July 2023. No late applications will be accepted after Friday, 14 July 2023.

Should Council decide to reduce the fee, those applicants who already paid the full fee will have the opportunity to request a refund after the closing date.

Study notes will be available from Ms Lenora Erasmus at email address:  after the extended deadline for applications and once a completed application form [A], checklist [B] and proof of payment have been received.

  1. Rules for veterinary physiotherapists
  2. Application form [A] 
  3. Checklist [B]

The examination is scheduled to take place remotely on Thursday, 19 October 2023 via the University of Pretoria’s platform and will be an open book examination as previously communicated to candidates. The pass mark is 50% and any mark below this will be considered a fail.

Technical requirements for the examination will be communicated. There will be a trial session approximately two weeks before the examination to ensure that all candidates can successfully log in.

Special Dispensation applications closed for AHT Registration amnesty

Thank you to the unregistered AHTs who took advantage of our amnesty

Time has run out for unregistered animal health technicians (AHTs), and those whose SAVC registration has lapsed, to apply for our amnesty – the deadline was 14 July 2023.

This special amnesty allowed unregistered AHTs who took up the offer to apply for registration with the SAVC to become legally compliant.

Thank you to all the qualified AHTs, and those who have passed the SAVC examinations, who applied for registration or re-registration with the SAVC. We are pleased that more than 100 applications were received for the amnesty, and we are confident that having more registered AHTs will add immense value to our animal health ecosystem.

Appointments - 2022 - 2025 Council term

Welcome aboard! New Council members appointed

Not receiving communication from Council?

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