Routine facility inspections

The purpose of routine inspections is to assist principals of veterinary facilities to comply with minimum standards for facilities and to ensure that veterinary services are rendered at the required standards. Facilities are inspected on a six-year cycle. Facility inspections are self-funded (paid for by the facility).

Regulations relating to inspections

Regulations relating to inspections include:

  • appointment of persons;
  • duties of persons appointed;
  • fees payable to persons appointed; and
  • dealing with the inspection report.

Regulations relating to inspections

Below is a summary on how routine inspections are conducted

  1. 250 veterinary facilities are selected annually for inspection. They are selected according to the year in which the facility was registered.
  2. A notice is sent to the selected 250 principals of veterinary facilities to inform them of the planned routine inspection.
  3. An inspcetor is allocated and the principal of the veterinary facility is sent a confirmation email with the inspection date, name of the inspector and inspection self-evaluation form which the principal must complete and send back to SAVC administration at least 14 days prior to the inspection date.
  4. As routine inspections are a self-funded process, this means that the principal of the facility is liable for paying for the inspection. The SAVC Administration will issue an invoice which must be paid prior to the inspection day.
  5. Principals of facilities must ensure that all registered veterinary and para-veterinary staff members of that facility are listed on the inspection self-evaluation form and also registered on the Registree Portal under the facility.
  6. The inspector will conduct the inspection with the principal present, will ask questions and draft the inspection report.
  7. The inspection report and the self-evaluation form will be submitted to the Inspections Committee who will deliberate on the recommendations of the inspector and will either confirm those recommendations or make changes.
  8. The SAVC Administration will correspond with the principal and the inspector on the outcome of the Inspections Committee meeting deliberations.

A compliance certificate will be issued once compliance with the minimum standards is confirmed.

Read the complete document on the regulations of inspections.