Payments to Council and examination fees

Registrees must annually pay their maintenance fees to continue to practice legally in the industry. If maintenance fees are not paid, veterinary professionals forfeit their registration and may no longer practice in the industry. Registrees who did not re-register in-time (within three years of being removed from the register), must apply for re-registration. If more than three years lapsed since registration, please refer to this page for more information.

You can download invoices and statements inside your Registree Portal account under “Account”. As from 1 April 2021 you will, in addition, be provided with an emailed invoice. The fees for the financial year 1 April 2024 – 31 March 2025 are listed below. All prices include VAT.

Maintenance fees

Maintenance fees are payable from 1 April 2024 to 30 June 2024 or as specified under special circumstances. The payable amounts for the veterinary profession are as follow:

  • veterinarians and specialists maintenance fee: R5 200;
  • pensioners maintenance fees over 65 to 70 (all persons older than 70 years remain on the register free of charge): R468;
  • authorisation fees for persons who do the work of veterinary professionals (period of authorisation): R5 200; and
  • authorisation for researchers : tbc.
First registrations
  • Veterinarians: R3 120.
  • Specialists: R3 120 – specialists pay a once-off registration fee and maintain their registration as veterinarians. The once-off registration fee does not replace the maintenance fee for the year in which the member registers as a specialist.

Close Corporation / Incorporated Company: R3 120.

Re-registration fees

Re-registration fees are payable anytime during the course of the year. A fee of R9 364 is payable to re-register as a veterinary professional.

Payment of any other fees

The same methods of payment apply for payment of any other fees, these fees may include (but are not exclusive):

  • inscriptions of additional qualification/s: R280;
  • replacement of certificate: The original certificate must be returned and /or an affidavit must be submitted: R412;
  • change of surname: R114;
  • letters of good standing: R505 and R1 010 if urgent,
  • deferment [application to defer CPD requirements]: R1 352; and
  • routine inspection fee: R5 480.

*All payments are made with the submission of an application form.  Contact the SAVC Administration for details on the documents that should accompany applications.

SAVC registration examination 2024

SAVC registration examinations for veterinary professionals: R40 015 (including admin fee).

Examinations for Jurisprudence: R7 478.

*All the above-mentioned payments include the non-refundable administration fee.

Note the following conditions with regards to Council registration payments:

  • no Council registration examination fees can be paid after 31 May annually;
  • no late payments will be accepted; and
  • make a once-off payment.

Be advised of the following:

  • Invoices for annual maintenance fees are issued on 1 April annually and will be available under “Account” in Registree’s Portal accounts;
  • Always include your registration number, your full names and surname and the reason for payment as reference. The SAVC cannot allocate the payment to your individual account without these particulars; and
  • email a copy of the deposit slip or direct transfer page to Council at

Methods of payment

Banking details:

Direct payment into the SAVC Bank account (by direct deposit or internet transfer):

Bank: ABSA
Branch: Hatfield
Account number: 020 166 762
Branch code: 632005
Foreign transfers swift: ZA-JJ
Remember your reference number

Note the following regarding payments:

  • With direct payment into the SAVC bank account, add your registration number on the deposit slip or internet transfer at the time of payment to enable us to allocate your payment to your account;
  • The SAVC cannot allocate any payment to your individual account, unless you have provided Council with your registration number or full names and surname; and
  • you are responsible for the additional banking costs incurred by Council, as well as the value added tax, if you facilitate payment by foreign bank draft.

Contact the SAVC administration


If you require any assistance or have questions regarding payments and fees, feel free to contact us in this regard.

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